Leading the way: Nurses and midwives for a safe, healthy and peaceful world

The 4th Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Conference will take place on the 10th and 11th March 2018 at the Royal College of Physicians, Regent's Park London. The topic of the conference is, 'Leading the way: Nurses and midwives for a safe, healthy and peaceful world

Conference 2018
The world today is far from being safe, healthy or peaceful. Many countries are experiencing war or civil conflict; there are more refugees than ever before seeking a safe place to live for themselves and their families; bush fires, floods, earthquakes and tsunamis are a frequent occurrence; diseases such as Ebola and Zika threaten health and stability; climate change threatens entire populations. Nurses and midwives are in a unique position to act as role models and lead the way in promoting a safe, healthy and peaceful world.

The 4th Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Conference will provide an opportunity for nurses and midwives to share their work with colleagues across the world. 

Key Themes
  • Promoting health and well being: working with older people, young people, adolescents or children; people with mental health issues or other disabilities; in health education; or primary health care settings. 
  • Alleviating illness and disease: working to develop or implement new or improved practices, policies or quality improvement projects; to prevent or minimise communicable or non-communicable disease; in all health care settings. 
  • Promoting social harmony and cohesion: working with minority groups; with people who are marginalised, vulnerable or oppressed; in cross cultural settings; with refugees or people seeking asylum.
  • Contributing to a safe environment: working with disease outbreaks; in disaster zones; with the effects of climate change; in areas of conflict; or in peacekeeping activities. 
View the latest programme. For further information please contact: 

Jill Iliffe
Executive Secretary, Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Federation 
Email: cnf@commonwealthnurses.org 
Phone: +61 438 647 252  

Registration forms and details are available on the conference website

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