Independence Gala

Join the Southbank Centre for a festival gala that heralds the coming together of British and Indian performing art forms, part of the India@UK 2017 Year of Culture. 

The gala is headlined by soulful renditions from Junun, an album of Sufi qawwals in Urdu and Hebrew, performed by the composers themselves: acclaimed Israeli composer-musician Shye Ben Tzur, Radiohead guitarist and composer Jonny Greenwood, and Indian band Rajasthan Express. 

The evening encompasses a wide range of style and genres, focusing on collaboration. Watch the heady rhythms of regional Indian dance forms and their dancers, form the Gotipua - an ancient and traditional tribute to Lord Krishna - to the timeless and intricate movements of the Bharatnatyam by leading exponents, London-based Kuchipudi dancer Arunima Kumar, British-Indian composer and virtuoso sarod Soumik Datta, and many other acclaimed performers from both countries. 

British opera soprano Patricia Rozario also regales with her renditions, as music conductor Sharat Chandra Srivastava orchestrates a foot-stomping finale. 

Go along and absorb the artistic and cultural collaborations taking place, as genres and art forms meld to form a seamless performance that crosses borders. 

Tickets cost between £15 and £45. To book see Independence Gala on the Southbank Centre website

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