Commonwealth Golfing Society Event

On Thursday 15th June the Commonwealth Golfing Society will host a Commonwealth Day event at Walton Heath

Walton Heath is an immaculate heathland venue and hosts some high profile tournaments each year, notably Walton Heath is a venue for the US Open qualifying (29th May 2017) as well as providing the challenge for the south of England Open Amateur Championship.

Various course options are available (36 Hole and 18 Hole) with refreshments provided throughout the day. 

The cost of a day ticket is £149. If you would like to join email for further information and a booking form. 

Note golf clubs require the Commonwealth Golfing Society to advise final numbers attending the meeting 72 hours in advance of the meeting date and bill the Society accordingly. Therefore, if you are unable to attend a meeting that you have previously advised you are attending, then you must speak to Bob Finnem directly by phone on 01372 454 687 or email the Society and receive an acknowledgement at least 72 hours before the meeting date otherwise, it will be necessary to charge the full amount for the days golf and food. 


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