Commonwealth Big Lunches

The Commonwealth Big Lunches are an opportunity to come together, share food and celebrate Commonwealth connections. The lunches will happen from Commonwealth Day (12 March) until the end of the summit (22 April), and take place across the Commonwealth.

The UK Government are partnering with the Eden Project to launch Commonwealth Big Lunches this year in celebration of the Commonwealth and to coincide with the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. It would be great to see lunches taking place across all 52 countries of the Commonwealth, and we need your help to make this happen. Commonwealth Big Lunches are all about bringing people together so where you hold yours and how you organise your event is entirely up to you. The lunches will vary across the world. We have lunches taking place on boats, in schools, community halls, parliaments, parks and at the Commonwealth Games. These lunches are scalable - they could be a party in someone’s garden, a street gathering or something larger which looks to bring different communities together.

We encourage you to start planning your lunch now and think about when you could host it, any other events you’d like to incorporate this into and who you would invite. To help with the delivery of the lunches, we will be launching online resources in January. This will include branded posters, suggested recipes and bunting. To register your interest in hosting a Commonwealth Big Lunch and to pre-order a free pack, please visit

When you host a lunch from 12 March - 22 April, do take photos and post them on social media using the hashtag #CommonwealthBigLunch. We want you to spread the message and inspire as many people as possible to come together, share food and learn about the Commonwealth. We also want to make the Commonwealth Big Lunches a feature in one of the venues being used by the Heads of Government, so please share your photos with us via social media.

For external: If you have any questions on the lunches, please email

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