Past events

Tour: Marlborough House
23 Jul 19, 11:00 and 14:00 to 23 Jul 19

Marlborough House, designed by Christopher Wren, is almost 300 years old and has the status of a Royal Palace. Two exclusive tours have been organised for RCS Supporters and their guests.

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Mozambique and the Cyclones Idai & Kenneth and the Challenges of Reconstruction
08 Jul 19, 12:30 - 14:00 to 08 Jul 19

Lunchtime seminar, to be given by Professor Doutor Luis Covane, on Mozambique Cyclones Idai and Kenneth, and the challenges of reconstruction.

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Commonwealth Blue Charter - All Champions Meeting
18 Jun 19 to 21 Jun 19

Overview of the Commonwealth Blue Charter and Action Groups with reflections on the work done over the past year within the context of wider ocean action.

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Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Sustainable Energy
03 Jun 19 to 04 Jun 19

The first ever pan-Commonwealth forum on sustainable energy will take place on 3-4 June, 2019 at Marlborough House in London.

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Entry Deadline: The Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition - 1 June, 2019
01 Jun 19 to 01 Jun 19

The Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition 2019 is open for entries on the theme, 'A Connected Commonwealth'. Entries are accepted through an online platform until 1 June, 2019.

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Lecture: Atonement in Politics; Perspectives from Mahatma Gandhi
31 May 19, 18:30 to 31 May 19

This lecture will deal with the arcs of owning and acknowledging such mistakes, in other words, of atonement through history and with the scope of honest self-appraisal, self-criticism and self-correction in our fraught and fractious times.

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The Library Presents: Pacific Adventures
25 May 19, 11:00 - 13:00 to 25 May 19

Handle Pacific objects from the museum collection in this writing and storytelling workshop.

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The Council for Education in the Commonwealth Annual Conference 2019
21 May 19 to 24 May 19

The Commonwealth Education Conference Committee invites you to attend the 2019 CEC Conference. The theme this year is 'Students: Our Common Wealth. A Focus on Student Success'.

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Is the Commonwealth really 70?
20 May 19, 17:30 - 19:30 to 20 May 19

Is the insistence that the Commonwealth is only 70 years old a conscious attempt to distance it from the legacy of the British Empire? And are there other, more significant developments from which one might date the genesis of the Commonwealth?

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Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting 2019
19 May 19 to 19 May 19

The annual Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting will gather officials from 53 countries in Geneva, Switzerland on 19 May, to discuss how to accelerate universal health coverage (UHC) in their countries.

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The Commonwealth & Resilience in 21st century
29 Apr 19, 6.00pm - 8.00pm to 29 Apr 19

Since the creation of the modern Commonwealth there have been repeated comments of 'crisis' and predictions of 'decline'. Yet, this unique multilateral organisation has continued to evolve, reinventing itself at times of crisis.

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Commonwealth Digital Challenge 2019: Media Accelerator
16 Apr 19 to 17 May 19

The final call has gone out to young media entrepreneurs to submit their ideas for the Commonwealth Digital Challenge 2019. Ideas for the Media Tech Accelerator should be submitted by 17th May.

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Helen Clark in Conversation
11 Apr 19, 17:30 to 11 Apr 19

Helen Clark in conversation with BBC presenter Keshini Navaratnam, to discuss increasing challenges to multilateralism, sustainable development, climate change, human rights and democracy.

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Commonwealth Youth Dialogue Conference
01 Apr 19, 09:00 to 04 Apr 19

Young people across India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia and Sri Lanka are invited to apply to attend the Youth Summit on International Peace and Security & Building Community Resilience from the Ground Up in April 2019.

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RCS Asia Conference 2019
14 Mar 19 to 17 Mar 19

The first ever Asia Conference of The Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) will take place in Hong Kong from 14-17 March 2019, where delegates from across Asia will come together to strengthen collaboration and discuss important social issues.

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The Commonwealth Service 2019 - Schools and Youth Groups
11 Mar 19, 13.45 - 16.30 to 11 Mar 19

The Commonwealth Service 2019 - Registration is now open for schools and youth groups!

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Commonwealth Family Day 2019
22 Feb 19 to 22 Feb 19

This February half term, celebrate a coming together of families and cultures as The Royal Commonwealth Society partners with Westminster Abbey for a day of Commonwealth-themed activities.

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India and the Media
18 Feb 19, 18:00 - 20:00 to 18 Feb 19

In the past five years, there have been over 200 attacks on journalists and bloggers across India. The panel will discuss the implications of targeting print, broadcast and online outlets for the country's forthcoming elections in spring 2019.

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Commonwealth Girls Education Fund Valentine's Gala
14 Feb 19, 18:30 - 22:30 to 14 Feb 19

Join the CGEF for their annual Valentine's Gala Dinner at the Royal Over-Seas League. Net proceeds will help the CGEF sponsor more girls across the Commonwealth.

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Brexit: with a little help from our friends
07 Feb 19, 18:30 - 20:00 to 07 Feb 19

Hosted by the European Institute and School of Public Policy the panel considers the implications of Brexit on other countries, as well as how our friends are fundamental to securing a smooth transition.

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The Annual Gladwyn Lecture 2018
13 Dec 18, 18.00 - 21.00 to 13 Dec 18

This year's Gladwyn Lecture will focus on the topic: The Windrush Generation & Lost Educational Opportunities: How can the Commonwealth learn from this?

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Democracy and Diversity - A People's Commonwealth for the 21st century?
10 Dec 18, 18.00 - 20.00 to 10 Dec 18

This distinguished lecture on democracy and diversity will be delivered by Akbar Khan, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. The event, will be hosted by Vice-Chancellor of Middlesex University, Professor Tim Blackman.

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The Commonwealth Cricket Club
23 Nov 18, 12pm - 9pm to 23 Nov 18

To celebrate The Royal Commonwealth Society's 150th Anniversary, the RCS Hong Kong Branch presents The Commonwealth Cricket Club at the Kowloon Cricket Club, Hong Kong on 23 November 2018.

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The Commonwealth Fair 2018
10 Nov 18, 11.30 - 18.00 to 10 Nov 18

The Commonwealth Fair is a special, enjoyable occasion demonstrating the vigour, the diversity and the splendour of the Commonwealth countries.

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The eve of peace
10 Nov 18, 11:00 - 17:00 to 10 Nov 18

Join the National Archives for a day of talks and activities to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War.

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Diwali Festival 2018
28 Oct 18, 13.00 - 18.00 to 28 Oct 18

Enthusiastically celebrated by people of all nationalities, races and religions, Diwali, the festival of lights creates a magical world of joy and festivity.

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Africa on the Square 2018
27 Oct 18, 12.00 - 18.00 to 27 Oct 18

Africa on the Square returns to Trafalgar Square for the fourth time on Saturday 27th October. This popular event continues to grow, with over 25,000 attending last year. It celebrates African arts and culture, as well as enhancing Black History Month.

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Westminster Dialogue: Have we killed the planet?
23 Oct 18, 18.30 - 19.40 to 23 Oct 18

Michael McCarthy gives the first in a series of three Westminster Dialogues. Michael is a British writer with a special interest in nature and the natural world. He is the former environment correspondent of both The Times and The Independent.

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Menstrual Hygiene Management - the Impact on Girls' Education
17 Oct 18, 18.30 - 20.00 to 17 Oct 18

In many parts of the world, especially in Africa and Asia, the education of girls is limited and even curtailed by cultural and social inhibitions surrounding menstruation.

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Kenya: Will reforesting really boost sustainable development?
17 Oct 18, 18.00 - 21.00 to 17 Oct 18

The International Tree Foundation invite you to an evening where they hope to answer two questions: Will reforesting really boost sustainable development? Can we really reforest Kenya and build a sustainable economy?

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Multifaith and Multiculturalism in Education: Perspectives and Challenges
16 Oct 18, 18.00 - 20.00 to 16 Oct 18

The High Commission of Cyprus, the School of Law of the University of Nicosia (UNIC) and The Royal Commonwealth Society Cyprus Branch (RCS Cyprus Branch), cordially invite you to attend a panel discussion on multifaith and multiculturalism.

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One People Oration
16 Oct 18, 18.30 - 19.30 to 16 Oct 18

The One People Oration series began in 1966, with the aim of encouraging people to 'think not only of all Christian people but of mankind'. This year's lecture is part of Embracing Global Challenges, Westminster Abbey Institute's 2018 autumn programme.

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Local Heroes & The Be Inspired Youth Gala & Awards
13 Oct 18 to 13 Oct 18

The Association of Jamaican Nationals presents their 'Local Heroes & Be Inspired Youth Gala & Awards' - A community event celebrating community spirit and our unsung heroes.

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World Traders and Goodenough College Guinness World Record Challenge
08 Oct 18 to 08 Oct 18

Help break the Guinness World Record for “Most nationalities in a simultaneous popular music sing-along” and raise money for charity.

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Oceania Exhibition
29 Sep 18 to 10 Dec 18

Celebrate the dazzling and diverse art of the region of Oceania, from the historic to the contemporary. Entry is free for New Zealand and Pacific Island passport holders.

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An Introduction to Exporting to the Commonwealth
27 Sep 18, 09.30 - 14.00 to 27 Sep 18

The Commonwealth is a unique group of 53 countries, where English is the shared business language and the legal and financial systems are often similar. With a combined population of 2.4 billion, the Commonwealth offers huge opportunities.

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Open House London: Foreign Office
22 Sep 18 to 23 Sep 18

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) opens its doors as part of the annual Open House London festival each September.

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Open House London: Lancaster House
22 Sep 18, 10am-4pm to 23 Sep 18

Extravagant private palace originally built for the Duke of York, with magnificent central hall and staircase.

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Open House London: Australia House
22 Sep 18, 10am-5pm to 22 Sep 18

Grade ll listed building designed by A. Marshal Mackenzie & Son, following a competition and opened by King George V in August 1918. Much of the interior marble, stone and timber you still see today was imported from Australia during WWl.

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Open House London: Canada House
22 Sep 18, 10am-4pm to 22 Sep 18

Canada's diplomatic home in the United Kingdom, the revitalised Canada House serves as a showcase for the very best of Canadian art and design in the 21C.

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Windrush: Songs in a Strange Land
21 Sep 18 to 21 Oct 18

70 years since the Empire Windrush carried hundreds of migrants to London, hear the Caribbean voices behind the 1940s headlines. Why did people come? What did they leave behind? And how did they shape Britain?

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Peace Perceptions Poll 2018
19 Sep 18, 6pm to 19 Sep 18

The Peace Perceptions Poll provides an opportunity to hear the voices of people affected by conflict en masse. This event will share the findings of the 2018 Poll and attendees will be able to discuss what this means for building lasting, positive peace.

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Zena Daysh Inaugural Lecture
13 Sep 18, 18.00 - 21.00 to 13 Sep 18

In honour of the Commonwealth Human Ecology Council's Founder, Zena Daysh, Mark Tully, former Bureau Chief for BBC in New Delhi, will be talking about 'India and the Commonwealth: Policy, People and Politics - can the media help with the future?'

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Alistair Burt MP with civil society and peace-building experts
10 Sep 18, 18.00 - 20.30 to 10 Sep 18

Conciliation Resources, International Alert, Peace Direct and Saferworld invite you to an event with the Rt Hon Alistair Burt MP in conversation with civil society and peace-building experts on Monday 10th September.

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International Youth Day
12 Aug 18 to 12 Aug 18

12 August was first designated International Youth Day by the UN General Assembly in 1999, and serves as an annual celebration of the role of young women and men as essential partners in change, and an opportunity to raise awareness.

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Singapore’s 53rd National Day Celebrations in London
11 Aug 18, 12:30 - 17.00 to 11 Aug 18

Join SUKA to celebrate Singapore’s 53rd National Day, on Saturday 11th August in London.

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Saving the Rhino
10 Aug 18, 18.30 - 20.30 to 10 Aug 18

Panel discussion: a campaign for conservation of wild-life population from extinction. Rhinos have been an integral part of the natural world for tens of millions of years, and human kind is causing dramatic declines in just a few decades.

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Experiences: Celebrating Jamaica's Independence
06 Aug 18, 18.00 - 21.00 to 06 Aug 18

Experiences: Celebrating Jamaica's Independence is an initiative geared at highlighting elements of authentic Jamaican culture to a diverse mix of people. This Independence Day guests will eat, be entertained and educated on all things Jamaican.

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Jamaica’s 56th Anniversary of Independence Service
28 Jul 18, 10:45am - 1:30pm to 28 Jul 18

On the occasion of Jamaica’s 56th Anniversary of Independence, and in recognition of the 70th Anniversary of the arrival of the Empire Windrush, the Jamaican High Commission will host a special Service of Praise and Thanksgiving.

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Women, Business and the Law
18 Jul 18, 17:30 - 19:00 to 18 Jul 18

The Women, Business and the Law report is in its 5th year of tracking progress made over the past two years and identifies opportunities to ensure economic empowerment for all. The seminar will be presented by Tazeen Hasan from the World Bank.

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Nelson Mandela: The Centenary Exhibition
17 Jul 18 to 19 Aug 18

Mark the 2018 centenary of iconic leader Nelson Mandela’s birth in this free exhibition about his life, career, and commitment to equality and justice.

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First India-Bangladesh Commonwealth Youth Conclave
09 Jul 18 to 10 Jul 18

The 1st India-Bangladesh Commonwealth Youth Conclave is the first youth event with focus on Commonwealth collaboration between India and Bangladesh. Our mission is to foster and strengthen the Commonwealth Bonds among our societies.

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Book launch: Asian Waters
28 Jun 18, 18:00 - 20:00 to 28 Jun 18

Asian Waters tells us of the battle for the soul of Asia with an outcome that will impact all our lives.

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An evening of African Writing with the Caine Prize
27 Jun 18, 19.00 to 27 Jun 18

The shortlisted winners of the 2018 Caine Prize for African Writing read extracts from their short stories.

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Service of Thanksgiving to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Landing of Windrush
22 Jun 18, 12.00 - 13.00 to 22 Jun 18

A Service of Thanksgiving to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Landing of the Windrush will be held in the Abbey on Friday 22nd June at Noon.

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The Invention and Reinvention of Decolonisation
21 Jun 18, 10:00 - 18:00 to 21 Jun 18

Join the Institute of Commonwealth Studies for a global decolonisation workshop.

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Rapid Urbanisation: What are the Opportunities and Challenges?
13 Jun 18, 17.00 - 19.00 to 13 Jun 18

A multidisciplinary seminar, as part of the Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange series, on the opportunities and challenges of rapid urbanisation.

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Liberty Freedom and Enfranchisement: Press Freedom and the Commonwealth
24 May 18, 19:00 to 24 May 18

A panel discussion organised in association with The Royal Commonwealth Society and the London Press Club.

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Annual Conference 2018 - Shared Commonwealth Values in Education
22 May 18, 10:00 - 15:00 to 22 May 18

With the Commonwealth higher up on the British Government's agenda than ever before and a vigorous Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting behind us, this is a moment to look to the future with new determination.

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Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting 2018
20 May 18

The Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting will provide member countries with an opportunity to share their experiences and lessons, as well as build consensus around collective action to address non-communicable diseases in the Commonwealth.

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8th Commonwealth Conference of Heads of Anti-Corruption Agencies in Africa
14 May 18 to 18 May 18

Heads of 19 anti-corruption agencies in Commonwealth countries in Africa will gather in Nigeria for their annual general meeting. The theme for the meeting is 'Partnering towards assets recovery and its return'.

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The Queen's Birthday Party concert
21 Apr 18, 20:00 - 22.00 to 21 Apr 18

On the occasion of the 92nd birthday of Her Majesty The Queen, The Royal Commonwealth Society is proud to partner with BBC One and BBC Radio 2 to deliver The Queen's Birthday Party concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

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It's Going To Be Good
19 Apr 18, 10am to 19 Apr 18

IT'S GOING TO BE GOOD #good18 #ourpower18
Youth-led social action event discussing important issues and creating practical, achievable solutions.

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Ageing in Common: An International Perspective
16 Apr 18 to 18 Apr 18

Inaugural Commonwealth Elders' Forum
This is an interesting opportunity for older individuals as well as for professional leaders in ageing research, advocacy and aged care and retirement service design and delivery.

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Re-engaging with the Commonwealth: Gambia and Zimbabwe
16 Apr 18, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM BST to 16 Apr 18

Following Gambia and Zimbabwe rejoining the Commonwealth this panel discussion looks to explore what it will mean for these nations and how it is possible to fully reengage them back into the Commonwealth.

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The Big Picture on Small States
16 Apr 18, 13:00 – 14:00 BST to 16 Apr 18

Aligning with the CHOGM 2018 theme, ‘Towards a common future.’ Small States constitute a critical component in the Commonwealth this event will highlight how they can be supported to make the most positive impact and to meet the challenges they face.

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Reducing Pre-Trial Detention
13 Apr 18, 12:00 - 14:00 to 13 Apr 18

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative is bringing together several experts on penal reform and pre-trial detention.

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CHRI CHOGM Report Launch
13 Apr 18, 17:30 - 19:30 to 13 Apr 18

In the lead up to the Commonwealth Head of Government Meeting in April the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) launches its own landmark report.

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Build cooperation and trust through community policing
12 Apr 18, 13.00 - 14.30 to 12 Apr 18

In many Commonwealth countries police practices often rely policing based on militaristic lines. The proposed panel will look how at best practices as well as critical challenges in this field and how the processes of change can be made sustainable.

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Gold Coast 2018: XXI Commonwealth Games
04 Apr 18 to 15 Apr 18

The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) will be the largest sporting event Australia will see this decade and the biggest sporting spectacular the Gold Coast has ever seen.

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Commonwealth Big Lunches
12 Mar 18 to 22 Apr 18

The Commonwealth Big Lunches are an opportunity to come together, share food and celebrate Commonwealth connections. The lunches will happen from Commonwealth Day (12 March) until the end of the summit (22 April), and take place across the Commonwealth.

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Leading the way: Nurses and midwives for a safe, healthy and peaceful world
10 Mar 18 to 11 Mar 18

In March 2018 the Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Federation will be holding their 4th Conference in London. The conference will provide an opportunity for nurses and midwives to share their work with colleagues across the world.

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A Commonwealth Conversation - Rejuvenating the Commonwealth
13 Feb 18, 18.30 - 20.30 to 13 Feb 18

With 60% of the population under 30, the youth voice is key in the Commonwealth. How can we unite to ensure that young people help shape and deliver the Commonwealth Summit?

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Commonwealth Family Week
12 Feb 18 to 16 Feb 18

The Royal Commonwealth Society is pleased to partner with Westminster Abbey to deliver the Commonwealth Family Festival. Join us at Westminster Abbey for a series of performances and workshops from across the Commonwealth.

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The Annual Gladwyn Lecture
13 Dec 17, 18.00 - 21.00 to 13 Dec 17

The annual lecture will address the topic of 'How the Commonwealth Network of Relationships can contribute to Peace'. The speaker will be Lord Alderdice who participated in the panel that wrote 'Civil Paths to Peace'.

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A Commonwealth Conversation - A fairer future
12 Dec 17, 18.00 - 20.00 to 12 Dec 17

The Royal Commonwealth Society is pleased to present the first in a series of public panel discussions which will focus on the themes to be addressed at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in April 2018. The first will focus on 'A fairer future'.

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Christmas Carols Service
11 Dec 17, 13:00 - 14:30 to 11 Dec 17

Every year the Britain-Australia Society organises a Carols Service at the famous 'Bow Bells' Church. This year Supporters of The Royal Commonwealth Society are invited to join for this event.

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Media and the 2017 Elections across the Commonwealth
06 Dec 17, 14:00 - 17:00 to 06 Dec 17

Media freedom is under pressure in multiple and complex ways across the Commonwealth. These pressures assume particular importance at election times, when access to information or restrictions on the news environment assume even greater importance.

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Lord Chamber event 2017: International Relations in the 21st century
01 Dec 17, 11:00 - 18:00 to 01 Dec 17

The House of Lords opens up the chamber every year, inviting people from across the UK to take part in a debating event. This year's debate is the latest event in a broad programme that aims to raise awareness of the role and work of the Lords.

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News on a Knife-Edge: Gemini and development journalism today
29 Nov 17, 09:30 - 18:00 to 29 Nov 17

In 1967, following decolonisation and in the midst of the Cold War, a pioneering news feature service began in London, called Gemini. It covered news from around the developing world and the Commonwealth, and lasted until 2002.

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Peace, youth and the Commonwealth: what role for education?
28 Nov 17, 18.00-21.00 to 28 Nov 17

The Commonwealth is home to over one billion young people with the power to shape the future. As the world finds itself at a time of increasing instability, what role can education play in ensuring that youth are at the heart of peace-building?

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Responsiveness, Resilience and Regeneration
27 Nov 17, 8.00pm to 27 Nov 17

Commonwealth Secretary-General, The Rt. Hon. Patricia Scotland, QC, will speak at the 42nd Sir Winston Scott Memorial Lecture

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Commonwealth Local Government Conference 2017
21 Nov 17 to 24 Nov 17

The Commonwealth Local Government Conference is CLGF's flagship event, held every two years in different regions of the Commonwealth. In 2017, the CLGF conference will be held for the first time in Malta.

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Commonwealth Fair
11 Nov 17, 11.30 - 18.30 to 11 Nov 17

The Annual Commonwealth Fair is organised by the Commonwealth Countries League (CCL) to raise funds for the Education Fund (CGEF), formerly the CCLEF. It gathers support from many Commonwealth countries and is held at the Kensington Town Hall in London.

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Brexit, a Commonwealth opportunity?
03 Nov 17, 16:00 - 20:00 to 03 Nov 17

The Royal Commonwealth Society Hong Kong Branch presents: Brexit, a Commonwealth opportunity? A forum and cocktail party held at the prestigious Hong Kong Club with the keynote address given by The Rt Hon. the Lord Howell of Guildford PC

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The CEC Autumn Conference 2017
01 Nov 17, 10.00 - 16.30 to 01 Nov 17

This year's CEC Autumn Conference will focus on the students and the role of institutions, listening to the students, exploring some best practice examples from universities and also considering the role of research.

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Service for World Peace
29 Oct 17, 18:30 - 19:30 to 29 Oct 17

The United Nations Association welcomes everyone to join for a Service for World Peace at Canterbury Cathedral. The keynote speaker is The Rt Hon Helen Clark, Head, UNDP and Former Prime Minister of New Zealand.

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Brexit: Challenges and Opportunities for Small States
18 Oct 17, 18:00 - 19:30 to 18 Oct 17

Join the Centre for Small States for a seminar on the challenges and opportunities that small states and entities face in relations to Brexit. A panel of five experts on small states will reflect on the political, economical and societal consequences.

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Commonwealth Law Ministers Meeting
16 Oct 17 to 19 Oct 17

The aim of the meeting is to facilitate information sharing, best practice and collaboration among countries who share a common legal tradition.

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Diwali Festival 2017
15 Oct 17, 13:00 - 19:00 to 15 Oct 17

Celebrating its 16th anniversary Diwali Festival, which celebrates the Hindu, Sikh and Jain festival of lights, attracts over 35,000 with its lively music and dance stage line up alongside an authentic street food market, craft and community stalls/

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Africa on the Square 2017
14 Oct 17, 12:00 - 18:00 to 14 Oct 17

Africa on the Square returns to Trafalgar Square for the fourth time on Saturday 14 October. This popular event continues to grow with over 25,000 attending last year as it celebrates African arts and culture.

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Transformation in Southern Africa - What is the role of China?
10 Oct 17, 18:00 - 20:00 to 10 Oct 17

China has become increasingly engaged politically and economically with African nations and the nature of its involvement across the continent is highly varied. What might be the Chinese motives behind these engagements - political influence or profit?

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The 9th Commonwealth Youth Parliament
08 Oct 17 to 12 Oct 17

The International Commonwealth Youth Parliament is an annual CPA event held in a different Commonwealth Region each year. It sees the participation of a maximum of 66 young people from around the Commonwealth.

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Belize Studies Conference
07 Oct 17, 09:00 - 17:00 to 07 Oct 17

All are welcome to the 20th Annual Meeting of the UK Belize Association. A day of new research presentations and discussion on environmental and societal issues concerning Belize.

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Independence Gala
04 Oct 17, 20:00 to 04 Oct 17

Join the Southbank Centre for a festival that heralds the coming together of British and Indian performing art forms, part of the India@UK 2017 Year of Culture.

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2017 Gandhi Foundation Annual Lecture – Mahatma Gandhi for the 21st Century
28 Sep 17, 18:30 - 20:00 to 28 Sep 17

The Annual Lecture of the Gandhi Foundation will be held on Thursday 28th September 2017 at The Nehru Centre. The subject of the lecture is: Mahatma Gandhi for the 21st Century and will be given by Satish Kumar, peace activist and environmentalist.

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CMJA Conference: Building an effective, accountable and inclusive judiciary
24 Sep 17 to 28 Sep 17

The theme of the conference 'Building an Effective, Accountable and Inclusive Judiciary' offers an opportune occasion for productive knowledge sharing with the goal of strengthening our judiciaries and linkages between all members of CMJA.

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Commonwealth Foreign Affairs Ministers Meeting 2017
21 Sep 17 to 21 Sep 17

Foreign ministers from across the Commonwealth will meet in New York to discuss reforms to the Commonwealth.

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London Pacific Fashion Collective
15 Sep 17, 15:00 - 21:30 to 15 Sep 17

London Pacific is a fashion show platform for established and emerging fashion designers from the South Pacific. Designers are invited to showcase their collections during London Fashion Week in February and September each year.

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CTO ICT Forum 2017: Digital Nations, Digital Wealth
11 Sep 17 to 13 Sep 17

Taking place in the margins of the 57th Council Meeting of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation, the Forum is the premier ICT conference of the Commonwealth.

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Withered Democracy in Pakistan: the Role of the Deep State
17 Aug 17, 15:00 - 17:30 to 17 Aug 17

The event will bring together a panel of speakers to debate the role of the Deep State in Pakistan and its impact on the country's democratic processes.

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Indian Treasures
02 Aug 17, Monday-Friday: 10am - 5.30pm, Saturday: 12- 5.30pm to 07 Oct 17

Mark the 70th anniversary of Indian independence at the photo exhibition 'Indian Treasures', with images that capture some of the earliest photographic documentation of India.

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Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting: Uganda 2017
31 Jul 17 to 04 Aug 17

The Commonwealth Youth Ministers' Meeting is held every four years with the aim of sharing, celebrating and assessing progress in youth development in the Commonwealth. The meeting will take place between 31st July and 4th August 2017 in Kampala, Uganda.

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Commonwealth Youth Games
18 Jul 17 to 23 Jul 17

The Commonwealth Youth Games will be the largest international sporting event ever held in the Bahamas, bringing together over 1000 young athletes aged 14-18, who will represent their country.

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Australian PM attends joint RCS - B-AS Reception
10 Jul 17, 18.00 - 20.00 to 10 Jul 17

On Monday 10th July 2017 The Royal Commonwealth Society and the Britain-Australian Society hosted a joint reception to announce our new affiliation. We were delighted to be joined by The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP, Prime Minister of Australia.

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Canada Day in Trafalgar Square
01 Jul 17, 12:00 - 20:00 to 01 Jul 17

Join Canadians and Canada-lovers alike to celebrate Canada Day in the UK. This event in Trafalgar Square on Canada's 150th birthday will include food and drinks, family activities and musical performances.

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Commonwealth Golfing Society Event
15 Jun 17 to 15 Jun 17

On Thursday 15th June, the Commonwealth Golfing Society will be hosting a Commonwealth Day at Walton Heath, a heathland venue which has previously hosted the Ryder Cup and numerous PGA Tour Events.

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Commonwealth Science Conference 2017
13 Jun 17 to 16 Jun 17

Limited opportunity to apply for funded places at the Commonwealth Science Conference 2017 which will bring together scientists at all career stages to showcase the best science from across the Commonwealth.

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CommonTies: May Event 2017
25 May 17, 16:30-21:00

Building lasting ties with the Commonwealth: Connect, Engage, Contribute. A networking evening including roundtable discussions and a fair hosting associations, organisations and charities of the Commonwealth Family.

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The Commonwealth Service 2017: Schools' and Youth Groups' Registration
13 Mar 17, 1345-1630 to 13 Mar 17

Schools and Youth Groups are invited to register for the Commonwealth Service 2017, celebrating 'A Peace-building Commonwealth'.

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Model Commonwealth Summit, Bath
03 Dec 16, 9.30 - 17:00 to 03 Dec 16

The Model Commonwealth Summit in Bath will allow young people aged 18 to 28 to take part in a model Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) where they will represent Heads of Commonwealth Governments for the day and discuss Commonwealth issues.

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South Wales Youth Summit
11 Nov 16, All Day to 12 Nov 16

The RCS is working with RCS Wales, WE, Schools and Coleg Gwent to deliver a South Wales Youth Summit in Crosskeys, Wales. Workshops and a Model Commonwealth Summit will make up this two-day event.

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Curious Objects
08 Nov 16, 09.00 - 18.00 to 21 Mar 17

'Voyages of discovery: the Commonwealth', forms a part of the University of Cambridge's new 'Curious Objects' exhibition and features items entirely from the RCS' collection.

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South African Visitor Visa Campaign Launch
02 Nov 16, 18:30 - 20:30 to 02 Nov 16

The Royal Commonwealth Society and its partners are launching a campaign to help restore visa-free travel for South African visitors to the UK.

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Hidden Histories - Discovering Indigenous London
08 Sep 16, 6.00pm - 7.30pm to 08 Sep 16

Border Crossings' new documentary film: Hidden Histories - Discovering Indigenous London, narrated by Oscar-winning actor Mark Rylance.

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En Plein Air Windsor and Eton 2016
16 Jul 16 to 16 Jul 16

Artists are invited from around the globe to come and create their own masterpieces in the world’s most famous and largest inhabited castle - Windsor

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UK-India visa report launch
05 Jul 16, 1600 - 1700 to 05 Jul 16

The Royal Commonwealth Society and its partners warmly invite you to the launch of our latest report on Indian visitors to the UK.

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Jamaican Pulse, Art and Politics from Jamaica and the Diaspora.
25 Jun 16 to 11 Sep 16

The Royal West of England Academy RWA) has its finger on the pulse of the growing international audience for Jamaican visual art with this important new exhibition, the first exhibition of its kind to be held outside of Jamaica.

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Higher education and the challenge of the youth bulge for the Commonwealth
16 Jun 16, 10:45 - 15:30 to 16 Jun 16

This year's Annual Conference will focus on the growing crisis in higher education provision across many Commonwealth countries, as countries struggle to meet the demand of the ever-increasing number of young people exiting secondary schools.

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Commonwealth Fine Food and Drink Market
12 Jun 16, 11.00 - 17:00 to 12 Jun 16

The Duke of York Square Fine Food Market and the Royal Commonwealth Society invite you to this special Fine Food and Drink market in celebration of Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th birthday.

» Info
The Patron's Lunch
12 Jun 16, 10.00 - 16:30 to 12 Jun 16

On Sunday 12th June 2016, The Mall will be transformed into the largest ever street party to celebrate The Queen’s patronage of over 600 charities and organisations on the occasion of Her Majesty’s 90th birthday.

» Info
Finance and Banking Master Workshop
19 May 16 to 20 May 16

A new concept in further education by the Commonwealth Lawyers Association in a series of small events bringing international expertise to your local jurisdiction.

» Info
Malta - a small country with a big influence on the world stage
14 Apr 16, 19:00 - 20:30 to 14 Apr 16

Following the successful 2015 Malta CHOGM, Malta will be chairing the Commonwealth until 2018 and in 2017 will be assuming the Presidency of the EU for a critical six month period, Malta's role is pivotal.

» Info
Going for Gold!
13 Apr 16, 19:30 to 13 Apr 16

A talk by the Director of Sport (Team Bath) Stephen Baddeley with a special guest appearance from Megan Fletcher, Commonwealth Gold Medallist (Judo)

» Info
'An Inclusive Commonwealth': The Power of Youth Networks
06 Apr 16, 18:30 - 21:00 to 06 Apr 16

With over 60% of Commonwealth citizens under the age of 30, this panel discussion will explore how 'An Inclusive Commonwealth' can ensure young people are involved in social, economic and political decision-making.

» Info
Commonwealth Day Celebration Drinks
14 Mar 16, 17:00 to 14 Mar 16

A special gathering in celebration of Commonwealth Day will take place at the Royal Over-Seas League (ROSL) co-hosted by ROSL and the Royal Commonwealth Society.

» Info
Achieving an Inclusive Commonwealth - What role for education?
14 Mar 16, 09:45 - 12:30 to 14 Mar 16

'Achieving an Inclusive Commonwealth - what role for education? takes its objective from this year's Commonwealth theme of 'An Inclusive Commonwealth' and seeks to explore the dynamic inter-relationship between education, inclusion and equity

» Info
The 2015 Commonwealth Round Table Lecture
27 Nov 15, 6pm to 27 Nov 15

The 2015 Commonwealth Round Table Lecture will be delivered by the distinguished former Prime Minister of Malta, Dr Lawrence Gonzi.

» Info
The Climate Challenge
26 Nov 15, 16:00 - 21:00 to 26 Nov 15

The Commonwealth Environmental Investment Platform (CEIP) would like to invite you to our Climate Challenge conference and drinks reception we are hosting in Malta this year, alongside the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

» Info
The 2015 Malta Summit - The Commonwealth's New Beginnings?
24 Nov 15, 9.00am to 24 Nov 15

One-Day Conference previewing the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

» Info
Justice and the SDGs
22 Nov 15, 9:00 to 22 Nov 15

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative and CIVICUS are hosting a CHOGM side event on Justice and the SDGs: Promoting and inclusive approach to participatory policy making

» Info
Heritage of the Commonwealth
17 Nov 15, 6.30pm to 17 Nov 15

A reception in support of the Empowerment of Rural Women in Jamaica, Ghana and Grenada.

» Info
Canadian Election Night Social
19 Oct 15, 19:00 to 21:00

The new NLC Commonwealth Circle is hosting a get-together where all are welcome to join and discuss and socialise on the eve of the Canadian election.

» Info
The Commonwealth Equality Network Panel Discussion
14 Oct 15, 18:00 to 14 Oct 15

Our partners The Commonwealth Equality Network will be hosting a panel discussion featuring visiting members of the Network from across the Commonwealth. They will share their experience of working in countries where same sex relations are criminalised.

» Info
London Commonwealth Youth Summit
03 Oct 15, 10am - 5pm to 03 Oct 15

A one day simulation of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. A unique chance for young people to act as a Head of Government for one of the 53 countries of the Commonwealth, and to role-play participation in a major international meeting.

» Info
Adding Global Value: Women's Views on CHOGM
01 Oct 15, 18:00 to 01 Oct 15

The Royal Commonwealth Society and Royal Over-Seas League will jointly be hosting a special event in the run-up to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, 'Adding Global Value: Women's Views on CHOGM'.

» Info
The 2015 Alice Hemming Lunch
18 Sep 15, 12.30 for 1.00pm to 18 Sep 15

The Commonwealth Countries League invites you to the 2015 Alice Hemming Lunch in support of the CCL Alumnae Association and an illustrated presentation of the report Preventing Child Marriage in the Commonwealth: the role of education.

» Info
Saved by the Bell - UK school children's understanding of the Commonwealth
09 Sep 15, 10.00 - 11.00 to 09 Sep 15

Launch event and briefing: Saved by the Bell - UK school children's understanding of the Commonwealth. New paper produced by Commonwealth Exchange in partnership with the Royal Commonwealth Society.

» Info
Westminster Hall Mock Trial
31 Jul 15, 18:00 to 31 Jul 15

On 31 July, a representative group of a dozen or so modern-day barons and bishops will help mark the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta by facing a mock trial at Westminster Hall.

» Info
The Commonwealth Youth Gender and Equality Forum
13 May 15 to 17 May 15

A five-day residential programme bringing together young professionals and experts in an inter-generational learning environment for the purpose of capacity-building the group through workshops, discussions and training sessions.

» Info
International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia
11 May 15, 18.00 to 11 May 15

The Kaleidoscope Trust's Annual Lecture to mark the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOT)

» Info
Joint Societies Luncheon
25 Mar 15, 12.30

Invitation to lunch at The House of Lords

» Info
Commonwealth Day Observance 2015
09 Mar 15

The Commonwealth Day Observance, the UK’s largest multi-faith celebration, takes place annually at Westminster Abbey on the second Monday in March.

» Info
Commonwealth Day Celebration Drinks
09 Mar 15

A special gathering in celebration of Commonwealth Day will take place at the Royal Over-Seas League (ROSL) co-hosted by ROSL and the Royal Commonwealth Society.

» Info
Commonwealth Day Observance: Schools' and Youth Groups' Registration 2015
03 Dec 14 to 27 Jan 15

UK schools and youth groups are invited to register their interest in attending the 2015 Commonwealth Day Observance at Westminster Abbey on Monday 9 March 2015.

» Info
Oxford Climate Forum
21 Nov 14 to 22 Nov 14

The next Oxford Climate Forum will be held on the 21st and 22nd November 2014 at the Oxford Mathematical Institute.

» Info
Michael Palin's Lecture in Aid of Protimos
11 Nov 14, 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm to 11 Nov 14

Protimos is delighted to invite you to '25 years of Travelling', a lecture by Michael Palin, well-known for his experiences as a world-wide traveller, and as an entertaining speaker.

» Info
25th Anniversary Auction of ChildHope
11 Nov 14, 7:00 pm to 11 Nov 14

ChildHope is holding a charity auction on its 25th Anniversary to raise £25,000 towards their work with street and working children around the world.

» Info
Ebola Outbreak Roadshow - Manchester
23 Oct 14, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm to 23 Oct 14

Sierra Leone urgently and desperately needs your invaluable medical and technical expertise.

» Info
Ebola Outbreak Roadshow - London
20 Oct 14, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm to 20 Oct 14

Sierra Leone urgently and desperately needs your invaluable medical and technical expertise.

» Info
The NZ-UK Link Foundation Inaugural Annual Lecture
16 Oct 14, 17:00 to 16 Oct 14

Featuring Professor Sir Hew Strachan from the University of Oxford, on ‘Democracy or Empire? Reflections on the British imperial experience of the First World War'.

» Info
Magna Carta Guildhall Dinner
13 Oct 14 to 13 Oct 14

Fundraising dinner for the Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Trust

» Info
A Night at the Opera at ROSL
19 Sep 14, 19:00 to 19 Sep 14

In a unique evening of culture, the innovative Opera Up Close bring one of their sparkling performances to the Royal Over-seas League

» Info
Sport as Persuasion and Power in the Modern World
31 Jul 14 to 31 Jul 14

A conference discussing 'Sport as Persuasion and Power in the Modern World'.

» Info
Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony Reception
23 Jul 14, 18:00 to 23 Jul 14

Join us for live music, cocktails and Commonwealth-themed foods at a dynamic outdoor reception in the ROSL Garden. Afterwards, enjoy the Opening Ceremony in the lap of luxury in a choice of TV rooms at the clubhouse.

» Info
The Commonwealth at 65 – from London to Valletta
21 Jul 14, 6:30pm - 8:00pm to 21 Jul 14

Public lecture in which Dr Muscat will consider the future of the Commonwealth.

» Info
City of London Festival
14 Jul 14, 19:30 to 14 Jul 14

The City of London is working with Glasgow Life to present ‘Curtain Raiser’ for the culture programme of the Commonwealth Games in The Guildhall.

» Info
Team Commonwealth and Goals in Education
01 Jul 14, 10:00 - 16:00 to 01 Jul 14

The Council for Education in the Commonwealth (CEC) hosts their annual conference on ‘Team Commonwealth and Goals in Education.’

» Info
Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict Summit Fringe
12 Jun 14, 9:00 - 20:30 to 12 Jun 14

The UK Foreign Secretary and Angelina Jolie, Special Envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, will co-chair the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict on 10-13 June 2014 at ExCel London.

» Info
The Future of Public Broadcasting in the Commonwealth
10 Jun 14, 11:00 to 10 Jun 14

We will be hosting a special event at the Australian High Commission on 'The Future of Public Broadcasting in the Commonwealth – an International Perspective’

» Info
RCS Canada Conference & AGM
29 May 14, 17.00 to 01 Jun 14

2014 National Conference “Leadership & Development in Today’s Commonwealth”

» Info
Born This Way Film Screening, The Curzon Soho
26 Mar 14, 20:30 to 26 Mar 14

The Royal Commonwealth Society is partnering with the Human Rights Watch Film Festival for the UK premiere of the film Born This Way. The documentary offers a vivid and poetic portrait of day-to-day life lives of four young gay Cameroonians.

» Info
The Commonwealth and Human Rights: priorities from Colombo to Valletta
24 Mar 14, 18:00 to 24 Mar 14

This panel discussion, coordinated by the Royal Commonwealth Society, working with our partners at the Kaleidoscope Trust and the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, examined the Commonwealth's human rights priorities.

» Info
Commonwealth Games reception at City Hall
12 Mar 14, 18:30

To celebrate 'Team Commonwealth', this year's Commonwealth theme, the RCS hosted a reception at City Hall in collaboration with the Glasgow 2014 Organising Committee.

» Info
High Commissioners' Banquet 2014
11 Mar 14, 18:30 to 11 Mar 14

The Royal Commonwealth Society hosted the annual High Commissioners' Banquet at St James's Palace. TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall joined more than 40 High Commissioners and 130 other VIPs from every region of the Commonwealth.

» Info
Commonwealth Day Observance 2014
10 Mar 14, 15:15

The 2014 Commonwealth Day Observance featured speeches from Lord Sebastian Coe, Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson; a special poem from South African poet Phillippa Yaa De Villiers; a musical performance by Laura Mvula; and an address by Malala Yousafzai.

» Info
Commonwealth Day Luncheon, Vancouver Island
10 Mar 14, 11.45am for 12 noon

To celebrate Commonwealth Day, the Honourable Judith Guichon, OBC, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia hosted a luncheon at Government House.

» Info
Commonwealth Day Reception, Hong Kong
10 Mar 14, 18.30 to 10 Mar 14

The RCS Hong Kong hosted a Commonwealth Day Reception at the Hong Kong Club. Attended by RCS Honk Kong President, Sir David Tang and Patron, Dame Anson Chan and Commonwealth Consuls- General, the Queen’s Speech was read by the British Consul-General.

» Info
NZ National Commonwealth Day Observance , Wellington
10 Mar 14, 18:00 to 10 Mar 14

The National Observance was held in the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul on the evening of Commonwealth Day followed by a reception at Parliament.

» Info
Commonwealth Day Flag Raising, Guernsey
10 Mar 14, 08.00 to 10 Mar 14

Assembling at the Liberation Monument, His Excellency Lieutenant Governor raised the Commonwealth national flags at 8.00 am.

» Info
Commonwealth Day Afternoon Tea
10 Mar 14, 16.30 to 10 Mar 14

Commonwealth Day celebrations in London continued after the Westminster Abbey Observance, with an Afternoon Tea hosted by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association on the terrace of the House of Commons.

» Info
Interfaith Service Celebration of Commonwealth Day, Ottawa
10 Mar 14, 19.00 to 10 Mar 14

The Ottawa Branch of the Royal Commonwealth Society and the Parish of Christ Church Cathedral held an Interfaith Service in the Cathedral at
7pm 10 March, to celebrate Commonwealth Day.

» Info
Commonwealth Day Service, Auckland
09 Mar 14 to 09 Mar 14

The annual Commonwealth Day Service was organised by the Royal Commonwealth Society Auckland in partnership with Holy Trinity Cathedral.

» Info
Commonwealth Day Observance Service, Toronto
09 Mar 14, 11.00 to 09 Mar 14

Toronto Branch organised the Commonwealth Day Observance Service in the presence of The Honourable David C. Onley, O.Ont. Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.
Reception with the Lieutenant Governor and Mrs. Onley.

» Info
Trinidad & Tobago's 1st Annual Carnival Fete
02 Mar 14, 14.00 - 20.00 to 02 Mar 14

Trinidad and Tobago is world renowned for its explosive and colourful Carnival. This year, the High Commission brought a piece of Carnival to London with their first ever All-Inclusive Fete.

» Info
Vanessa Able: Never Mind the Bullocks, Bath
01 Mar 14, 14:45 - 15:45 to 01 Mar 14

The story of one woman’s 10,000 kilometre drive across India in the world’s cheapest car.

» Info
Commonwealth Carol Service 2013
04 Dec 13 to 04 Dec 13

Wednesday 4th December 2013, 18:30 until 20:00

» Info
33Fifty Launch Event
28 Nov 13, 10:00 - 12:00 to 28 Nov 13

Launch for 33Fifty The Commonwealth Youth Leadership Programme.

» Info
2013 Post-CHOGM Briefing
26 Nov 13 to 26 Nov 13

Guest speaker Richard Uku – Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Commonwealth Secretariat, lead a conversation on the policy outcomes of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) taking place on 10-17 November 2013 in Sri Lanka.

» Info
RCS Bath Biennial Lecture
25 Nov 13, 19:00 to 25 Nov 13

Lord Howell, President of the Royal Commonwealth Society and Minister of State in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office from 2010 to 2012, deliver a lecture entitled: 'The Commonwealth - The Face of Britain’s Future'.

» Info
Essay Competition 2013 Award Event
19 Nov 13, 18:30 to 20:30 to 19 Nov 13

To celebrate the winners of the 2013 competition and launch the 2014 competition. With Samsung tablets and CUP guests, plus New Zealand High Commissioner.

» Info
The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award and Life Skills Education
16 Apr 13

The RCS hosted an event in partnership with The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Foundation exploring the benefits that experiential learning and volunteering through youth development programmes, such as the Award, can provide for young people in

» Info
Commonwealth Compared Launch Event
14 Mar 13

The Royal Commonwealth Society proudly launched their new research, 'Commonwealth Compared 2013: Setting the Scene' at an event on the 23 May.

» Info
Commonwealth Environmental Investment Platform Launch
14 Mar 13

The Commonwealth Environmental Investment Platform (CEIP) was launched at a VIP reception at the Royal Commonwealth Society as part of Commonwealth Week.

» Info
Commonwealth Games 2014 Reception
13 Mar 13

The RCS was proud to host a reception for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

» Info
Commonwealth Day Observance 2013
11 Mar 13 to 11 Mar 13

The annual Commonwealth Day Observance was, the United Kingdom's biggest multi-faith service, was celebrated in Westminster Abbey. Guest speakers included Sir Richard Branson Sir Richard Branson and Founder and Execuitve Director of Avaaz, Ricken Patel.

» Info
High Commissioners' Banquet 2013
10 Mar 13

The RCS in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover and Taj hosted the annual High Commissioners' Banquet at 51 Buckingham Gate Hotel.

» Info
Launch of the State of the World Atlas
10 Jan 13

The RCS in partnership with New Internationalist and International Alert hosted the launch of Dan Smith's State of the World Atlas, described as 'the definitive reference book on the way we live now.

» Info
Britain and the Commonwealth: Address by the Rt Hon Hugo Swire MP
18 Dec 12

The RCS hosted a keynote address by the Rt Hon Hugo Swire MP, FCO Minister of State for the Commonwealth.

» Info
Commonwealth Carol Service 2012
05 Dec 12 to 07 Jul 14

The RCS hosted the annual Commonwealth Carol Service at St Martin-in-the-Fields church. It featured a number of readings from Jubilee Time Capsule entrants and leading figures in the Commonwealth family, as well as musical performances.

» Info

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