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The Associate Fellowship of The Royal Commonwealth Society offers people from across the Commonwealth the opportunity to become part of an ever-growing network, offering opportunities, resources and a platform for discussion. The Associate Fellows meet on the online forum, which is an interactive space where they can come together to engage with, learn from, and support one another. The network is a valuable resource not just for the individuals involved, but also for the Commonwealth.

It is intended that the Associate Fellowship will present its members with a chance to engage directly with the future of the Commonwealth. Through being part of the network, these remarkable young people will be able to share their skills, knowledge and experiences, becoming a unique resource for each other and for promoting the value and values of the Commonwealth.

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Commonwealth Youth Gender and Equality Network 

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Discriminatory gender norms are a central underpinning factor affecting the lives of young people in the Commonwealth today. Diverse issues from discrimination in employment, to sexual violence, to child marriage are all products of deep-rooted gender inequality. Although young people have often been victims of gender-based discrimination they are also well placed to combat these problems and build equality.

The aim of CYGEN is to build a network of young people from across the Commonwealth who can collaborate and share good practice in their work. Youth voices on gender issues are not represented in formal Commonwealth youth structures, and this is a vacuum which urgently needs to be filled in order to create a more robust network of advocates, who can effectively push for policy change at local, national, regional and international levels.

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The Royal Commonwealth Society works with students, youth leaders and educationalists from across the 52 Commonwealth nations to help realise the potential of our growing youth population.

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